The EDAF3 machine expands upon the excellent capability and performance of the EDAF2 by offering larger X/Y/Z strokes to accommodate additional or larger work pieces.


The EDAF3 retains the same rigid and precise structure as the EDAF2, and integral thermal cooling of the Y- and Z-axis cast components is utilized for thermal stability and long-term sustained accuracy. The dielectric reservoir is built in to the base casting of the machine to improve thermal stability and also minimize the machine’s footprint.

Work tank access is unrestricted on the EDAF3 with a programmable, three-sided drop-tank system, which simplifies operation, ATC (automatic tool changer) and automation integration for greater unattended machining time. The operator has an outstanding vantage point of the machine during operation and can effortlessly unload, load and set up new jobs with the drop tank in the fully lowered position, which drops below the worktable level. The machine’s stationary worktable design can also be configured to provide additional depth to the work tank with the 50mm (2.0”) and 100mm (4.0”) table-down configuration options. The standard fire extinguisher and U/V sensor systems provide safety, protection and confidence for hours of unattended operation.